Jeremy Corbyn brings moderates back to fold in shadow cabinet reshuffle

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 4, 2017

Certainly any semblance of socialist solidarity seemed to be sadly missing, plus a convenient memory-loss of recent political history when it became apparent that her own Labour Party had made overtures to the DUP after past General Election results. So, here, she was criticising the Conservative (and Unionist) Party for something her Labour comrades had attempted themselves.

She has become the shadow justice minister, a year after resigning from the cabinet following the European Union referendum in June last year after the loss of the Remain campaign which Labour MPs campaigned for.

Imran Hussain remains on Jeremy Corbyn's frontbench after a Labour reshuffle.

Now that would have indeed really been, to quote Bridget, a "dodgy" deal.

In a muted reshuffle of full shadow cabinet ministers last week the leader of the opposition declined to reappoint high-profile critics such as Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna, but picked the former leadership challenger Owen Smith as shadow Northern Ireland secretary.

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