Jury selection underway for killing of Irish businessman in Davidson County

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 18, 2017

Molly Martens Corbett and her father, Thomas Martens, both face second degree murder charges for the death of Ireland native, Jason Corbett, in August 2015.

The family of Jason Corbett was inside of the courtroom Monday. Jury selection will resume on Tuesday.

The prosecution is represented by three lawyers, Greg Brown, Alan Martin and Ina Stanton, while both Mr Marten and his daughter have two lawyers each.

In December 2015, Mr Martens and his daughter were indicted by a grand jury. The trial date was set in March.

Efforts by the Martens family to have the trial moved out of Davidson County for legal reasons failed and the trial will begin today in Lexington before Judge David Lee. "There is no showing of prejudice in the investigation or proceedings ... to preclude selection of an impartial jury".

Judge Lee also deferred ruling on a second motion to redact statements made by Jack and Sarah Corbett, Mr Corbett's children.

The comments in question took place during interviews at The Dragonfly House, a child advocacy centre, following Mr Corbett's death.

Davidson County Assistant District Attorney Alan Martin acknowledged the child advocacy centre has been enormously advantageous in cases of abuse, but suggested it is not created to be an institution that generates statements admissible in court. The Lynches then contacted the Davidson County Sheriff's Office, they said, to inform officers of his alleged deception.

Initially, defense attorneys asked for a change of venue - but were denied.

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