'Leatherface': Prequel to 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' releases first movie trailer

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 17, 2017

Set prior to the events depicted in Tobe Hooper's original 1974 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Leatherface depicts the title character as a teenager escaping from a mental institution and going on a road trip with a kidnapped nurse and three other inmates. Lili Taylor portrays Verna Sawyer; Sam Coleman, Sam Strike, and James Bloor star as the potential Leatherfaces; and Stephen Dorff stars as a lean, mean Texas Ranger who has a vendetta against the teen boy who grows up to become Leatherface.

The first trailer for Leatherface as been released, and it is more terrifying that anyone would have expected. The movie's setting is the 1950s, as the song immediately clues us in. The trailer stays away from plot spoilers, instead giving us a heavy taste of the movie's over-the-top gore and other freakish happenings.

While the trailer doesn't give too much insight to the newly rendered plot, what it does give is short clips that will fill you up with gory nostalgia: Leatherface making and trying on that infamously horrid human mask, the Sawyer family enjoying a wholesome dinner, murderous sheriffs and-of course-the bloody chainsaw that leads to infinite deaths.

The trailer seems to hint that Leatherface will be very intense in tone, with maybe a splash here and there of deadpan humor.

The legendary Texas Chainsaw Massacre story continues in the new Leatherface trailer, which premiered on Bloody Disgusting.

Millennium Films, which was behind the 2013 Texas Chainsaw 3D, is once again producing with Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman, and Carl Mazzacone for Lionsgate.

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