Love Island 2017: Gabby Allen cuts ties with Montana Brown

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 21, 2017

Love Island continues on weeknights and Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

Later on that day, there's tension between the girls after Gabby's lie detector results.

Bradley from The Vamps has gone topless to promote their new album!

Whilst Amber adds: "I didn't understand why you wouldn't just say it out loud, why would it be done over text?"

As the girls prepare, Olivia shares: "Watch my lie detector test go down in flames!"

Love Island is set to throw the biggest party of the year next Monday night when the final of the show takes place live at the stunning villa in Mallorca.

I think they will pull through it because there are definitely feelings there between them, but I am more looking out for Marcel because he is one of my best mates. Do you feel ready to be loyal to Kem for the foreseeable future?

"If I hadn't come here and I hadn't met you, I would not have realised that and I don't honestly believe there's any other boy that could have brought it out of me.

Love Island 2017: Gabby Allen cuts ties with Montana Brown
Love Island 2017: Gabby Allen cuts ties with Montana Brown

In this situation, you never know what's being said behind your back you just have to trust the person".

And this is my personal favourite - lovely Alex Bowen said: "The lie detector is about as real as my new teeth".

He's spent much of his time in the Love Island villa mentioning Blazin' Squad at every opportunity - it's worked, though, with the band's Spotify streams soaring by 2500% since the series started. Will you be tempted by boys on the outside world?

And who can ask for more than a "good chunk"? Do you think you and Jamie are compatible? Would you say Jamie was everything you look for in a man?

Sam, 21 - who was dumped for the second time on Wednesday night - told The Sun: 'Gabby is playing on the fact that she knows Marcel is well liked'.

So pay attention Montana, you've not got long to turn it around.

Marcel was recently tipped by bookies to win the current series of Love Island.

Olivia Buckland, however, defended the show, claiming that the "actual lie detector system is LEGIT [sic]", but that the results could be false due to the Islanders being nervous.

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