Missing After Ship Sinks off Cameroon

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 17, 2017

Military personnel are carrying out search operations.

The incident comes after the Nigerian government accused Cameroonian security forces of killing 97 Nigerian fishermen in the Bakassi Peninsular which had been a bone of disagreement between the two countries for decades.

A press release issued by Joseph Beti Assomo, Minister delegate at the presidency in charge of defence, said the boat which overturned on July 16, had 37 people on board.

He disclosed that the helicopter was able to spot traces of fuel and directed the maritime patrols to the likely location of wrecked vessel.

The missing were soldiers from Cameroon's Rapid Intervention Brigade (BIG) and three other soldiers were rescued after their vessel sank off the country's Atlantic coast on Sunday morning, said a statement issued by the Defense Ministry.

Cameroon and Nigeria had been locked in a dispute over the ownership of the 1,000sq kilometre peninsula on the Gulf of Guinea, but Yaoundé formally took control of the region in 2008, following an International Court of Justice ruling.

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