Monsoon Session: Congress Dossier Creates Ruckus In Parliament, BJP-Congress Clash

Solenn Plantier
Juillet 20, 2017

The Congress said on Wednesday it "will keep raising people's issues" and will "fight for them" after a document allegedly belonging to it and detailing its Parliamentary strategy was leaked to the media and attacked by the BJP for being "disruptive".

It could not be verified whether the document belonged to the Congress. Displaying a 32-page dossier of the Congress, the BJP leader accused the grand old party of running away from participating in debates. It is now clear that the Congress party has plotted to disrupt the proceedings by linking incidents to beef. We would like to call this document a dossier of disruption. "A conspiracy is being hatched and documents are being prepared in a planned manner".

Gowda said issues like inability to roll out the Goods and Services Tax through proper implementation, Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act scheme wages, failures in education sector, farmers' distress and their suicides, border stand-off with China, Kashmir, mob lynchings, communal and caste violence, would be raised in Parliament. It puts "mob violence and lynching - from Akhlaq to Junaid" and UP CM Yogi Adityanath's role in fanning communalism and cow vigilantism in the state at the top most priorities of the party.

Patra, however, says, "The irony is while Modiji is sweating it out day in and day out to see to it that India moves ahead, we have the Congress party which is conspiring to work against this very development, conspiring not to allow the Parliament to function".

Modi to come forward and debate with us on these issues. "This is something we are going to expose on the floor of the house", the Congress leader added. AICC Research Department lists important issues before every Parliament session.

He said, "We don't want to disrupt the workings of the Parliament but we'll take up all the burning issues and ensure that the government should be made accountable for all its mistakes".

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