N. Korean boat enters S. Korean waters

Xavier Trudeau
Juillet 2, 2017

A small North Korean boat carrying five sailors crossed the maritime border into South Korean waters in the East Sea Saturday.

The small boat was spotted near the Northern Limit Line (NLL) in the East Sea and was guided southward by the maritime police, according to the official.

The coast guard is interviewing the five North Koreans, who have reportedly expressed their wish to defect to South Korea.

They are now being questioned by investigators.

More than 30,000 North Korean civilians have fled the secluded state, majority traveling through the neighboring China, as the actual border between the two Koreas is heavily guarded.

On June 23, South Korea rescued a North Korean fishing boat drifting in waters off its east coast after it developed engine trouble. The eight sailors were sent back to the North three days later, upon their request.

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