'Nazi outfits' at Orange Lodge event probed by police

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 17, 2017

The pics, which had been posted on social media and have since been removed, showed men, women and children dressed in offensive costumes.

The images were passed on to police by The Sunday Herald.

And in another image a person appears with a painted face wearing an afro wig.

Another image showed a man dressed as the Pope with a noose around his neck while a further picture showed two men holding a toy wearing a Celtic strip between them at crotch level. It is thought they were trying to reference Catholic clergy child sex abuse.

Group investigations writer for the Sunday Herald, Peter Swindon, explains how Hitler won best dressed on the flute band's Facebook page.

The pictures have been criticised by the Jewish community in Scotland.

Shocking picture shows man 'dressed as Hitler and children wearing yellow stars at Orange Order Halloween party' as
People at an Orange Hall Halloween party were dressed as Hitler and dead Pope

Robert McLean, executive officer at The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, told the newspaper he had "no comment to make" on the images.

It added: "The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland does not seek immunity from media criticism, but surely the Herald has a duty to be impartial or even-handed".

"The Grand Orange Order of Scotland is disappointed to note that the Sunday Herald have chose to not cover any of the attacks carried out recently on Orange premises".

"The Grand Lodge executive and learned counsel are now in the process of examining recent articles to see if there have been breaches of IPSO guidelines".

"We understand that the press has a role to play, but there is a difference between holding to account and pursuing a baseless agenda to attack and demonise our Protestant Culture & Heritage".

Police in Scotland are investigating images from an Orange Order social event, one of which shows a man in what seems to be an Adolf Hitler costume alongside two children dressed up as Holocaust victims. "If we do not, then perhaps those running it will finally realise that we will no longer accept anything other than a fair and balanced coverage of our institution".

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