New sign on Pope's door bans whining

Evrard Martin
Juillet 17, 2017

The red and white sign says, in Italian, that "offenders are subject to a syndrome of victimhood that reduces their sense of humour and capacity to solve problems".

A picture of the sign was posted on the Vatican Insider website and its presence on the pope's door confirmed to Reuters by its editor-in-chief Andrea Tornielli, an author who is close to Francis and has interviewed him several times.

It is not clear who the notice is aimed at but it has been suggested cardinals, priests and members of his staff could be the main target of his anti-whining sign.

For anyone caught whining in front of children, "sanctions will be doubled".

The sign continues: "To get the best out of yourself, concentrate on your potential and not on your limitations. Stop complaining and take steps to improve your life".

He has also encouraged the world's billion-plus Catholics to be more joyful.

The pope has repeatedly spoken out against complaining, at one point warning that Christians who whine too much "have more in common with pickled peppers than the joy of having a lovely life", according to Crux.

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