NXT: Ohno wins the battle, but Itami wins the war

Pierre Vaugeois
Juillet 27, 2017

-After the match Ember says that she wants to face Asuka at NXT Takeover Brooklyn.

SAnitY confronted The Authors of Pain and got their butts kicked.

In the women's division, Ember Moon defeated Lei'D Tapa.

Tapa clotheslines Moon and tosses her around the ring. This match nearly lasted as long as Tapa's run in TNA. Asuka wants a challenge and competition and Moon says she will give Asuka all she desires.

The announce team takes a look at Roderick Strong's tweet that says he is not done with NXT Champion Bobby Roode.

An Aleister Black vignette is shown. However, it never quite got that far.

The Authors of Pain then marched to the ring and fought Dain and Wolfe.

Nikki holds Dain back while Wolfe laughs on the ramp. For the first time we actually got names for them.

We see a video package for the Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. It was because of all of the people working together to be the best and that was why he signed with NXT.

After giving a Aleister Black a hard time in a losing effort and scoring an upset over Andrade "Cien" Almas (for which Almas had his revenge in the form of an attack last week), Cezar Bononi joins the likes of Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan as wrestlers who we always see on TV tapings but nearly always lose. Last week, Almas attacked Bononi again at the behest of the now named Zolita Vega.

Earlier today, Vega threatened No Way Jose with Almas' wrath. Bononi tries for a pop up power slam but Dream gets to his feet and hits a rolling Death Valley Driver. If you recall, Dream wouldn't cut promos previously because of the disgusting ambiance of the backstage area.

William Regal was backstage and he made Asuka vs. Ember Moon official for NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn.

- Drew McIntyre comes out to the ring for a promo. McIntyre won last week against Killian Dain using the Claymore Kick. Drew calls himself the hardest worker in the world. He then says he then failed due to lack of hard work, that it wasn't until he left WWE that he figured it out. He says he signed with NXT because everyone in the locker room are equals and work hard. Everyone.but one. And that one is Bobby Roode. McIntyre sees entitlement in Roode's eyes, but he isn't entitled to a thing and this isn't his NXT. This is not Bobby Roode's NXT, this is all the fans' NXT. He ends it on a fiery note by leading the crowd in chanting "We Are NXT!". Maybe next week is not about Johnny Gargano's return, but it will be about Raul Mendoza.

After a night full of two minute matches and promos, it was nice to take a deep seat for the main event. These two have had differences dating back to Itami's attitude change after losing to Roode at TakeOver: Chicago. Finally, Ohno got exhausted of listening to Itami's griping and here we go. More kicks from Itami and Ohno is down.

They chilled out afterwards as a wrestling match broke out. Ohno hps over the ropes to counter an Irish whip, but gets a kick caught.

Itami battled back and hit a nice corner dropkick to Ohno.

Dream pounds him down without much effort but gets kicked in the jaw and punched in the face.

As expected, Ohno threw a lot of punishing elbows and Itami threw a lot of devastating kicks, but his most brutal kick was an illegal one, as he kicked Ohno in the family jewels and was promptly disqualified.

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