Ohio State Fan Recovering From Coma Still Hates The University Of Michigan

Alain Brian
Juillet 17, 2017

A man who returned to the USA comatose after suffering a traumatic brain injury from a auto accident overseas has given his family hope by making clear his dislike MI.

While recuperating at Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Center at Ohio State University, the Dublin resident was given one button to push for "yes" and another to push for "no".

"Do you like MI?" he was asked.

That feels like a win for Ohio State ... but also for MI, too.

Four months later, though, Lawrence was asked to press a "yes" or "no" button in answer to the question of whether or not he liked MI.

"He always makes a face when we mention MI", said his wife, Meghan. "We're pretty sure he's in there". Lawrence has been opening his eyes and smiling.

Lawrence, a startup consultant, was in eastern Europe for a business conference when a vehicle he was riding in veered into a 50-foot (15-meter) ravine on March 21. The vehicle rolled over numerous times and hit a tree, killing two of the five occupants. Lawrence is also able to give a thumbs up, stand on a treadmill and hold a crayon or pencil, the better to color with his six-year-old daughter, Adrianne, and four-year-old son, Donovan.

Lawrence, 38, suffered the injury in an accident in the former Soviet republic of Georgia in March.

Lawrence's wife, brother and father raised money to send him back to the United States.

His wife, Meghan Lawrence, said there's no love lost between her husband and the Wolverines.

"He's now considered semiconscious", Meghan Lawrence said. "He has a long way to go, and he's already come such a long way".

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