Oops: A Second Greens Senator Has Quit After Discovering Their Dual Citizenship

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 18, 2017

Larissa Waters - another Greens senator - has also stepped down from her role in Parliament due to her dual citizenship with Canada.

Mr Sri told reporters "really sucked" Ms Waters had to resign but said he was "very proud" of everything she had done.

The 40-year-old was born in Winnipeg, Canada, left as an 11-month-old baby and never went back.

Speaking in Queensland on Tuesday afternoon, an emotional Waters said she was resigning with a heavy heart, and that she was unaware of her dual citizen status.

Under section 44 of the Australian Constitution, persons with dual citizenship are "not permitted to stand for election and that a person must take "reasonable steps" to renounce their citizenship of the other country".

Senator Waters last month made history by becoming the first woman to breastfeed her child while passing a motion before the Senate.

The news comes just five days after Scott Ludlam, deputy leader of the Greens, announced his resignation for the same reason.

However, Ms Waters, who was first elected in 2011, said she took "full responsibility".

According to Australia's constitution, politicians must relinquish any foreign citizenships before standing for office.

Waters said her parents were under the impression that the Canadian law that applied when she was born, that she had to chose Canadian citizenship when she turned 21, was still in place. She decided not to pursue it and assumed she only held Australian citizenship.

"The challenges we face as a nation are still so great, and I will not be stepping away from them", she said.

"While my future remains uncertain, I have more to contribute and will be talking with my party about what lies ahead".

Larissa Waters has resigned from the Senate after revealing she holds dual citizenship with Canada.

"It has been an honour to work with my Greens colleagues in the parliament and in the Queensland party", she said.

Waters' resignation paves the way for former Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett's return to the senate. My focus now is on working with the party to ensure Queenslanders still have a strong Green voice in the Senate, and working with our state candidates, members and supporters to elect Greens into the Queensland State Parliament.

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