Out-of-control bobcat latches onto man in 'uncharacteristic' attack

Evrard Martin
Juillet 18, 2017

Firefighters in Anthem, Arizona, say a man attempting to intervene on a bobcat attack was bit, and the bobcat is now being tested for rabies.

The driver who jumped out of the auto turns out to be the one who rips the bobcat off the dog, but he also gets bit in the process.

"The German Shepherd was able to protect both itself and its owner from the bobcat when a bystander stopped to aid the man and his dog", Daisy Mountain Public Information Officer Brent Fenton said.

That's when the animal bit him and the man swung the bobcat around trying to get him off. The bobcat then ran off into a nearby storm drain.

"It's very freakish. This is very uncharacteristic for bobcats", Fenton said.

Arizona Game and Fish officials arrived at the scene and attempted to capture the bobcat, but he continued to act aggressively, so they were forced to kill the animal.

"MCSO had to use lethal force to stop the threat of anybody else being injured by the bobcat", Fenton said.

The bobcat will be tested for rabies.

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