Photo Op With White House Interns Turns Into Trump Power Trip

Alain Brian
Juillet 26, 2017

US President Donald Trump told Associated Press reporter Catherine Lucey to be "quiet" on Monday (July 24) after she called out two questions to the president while he was posing for a group photograph with outgoing White House interns. The interns laughed. The president rolled his eyes and smirked.

Beyond his antagonism for the press, Trump may have had another reason to dodge Lucey's health care question: The president has repeatedly revealed himself to be unable to speak about the details of health care policy.

"They're not supposed to do that, but they're doing it, but they're not supposed to", he said.

Just a few hours before the photo-op, Trump called Sessions "beleaguered" in a tweet asking why his attorney general and Congress aren't investigating "Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russian Federation relations".

Last week, newly appointed communications director Anthony Scaramucci said he wanted to press the "reset button" on the press's relationship with the President. In response, the White House created a public website for the commission, disclosed its introductory email and the agenda of a conference call its members held and also posted public comments, many of which criticized harshly its mission and leaders. The Trump administration has exhibited an unprecedented distaste for the press and a willingness to restrict access, moving press briefings from televised and live to audio-only and embargoed, and barring news sources critical to Trump from certain closed-door briefings.

Trump tells the interns that reporters are "not supposed to do that" (ask Qs).

Yesterday, the administration released the intern class photo that was the scene of the shushing incident.

No one has asked about that yet.

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