Rising Chinese politician under investigation for corruption

Alain Brian
Juillet 26, 2017

However, he was suddenly removed as Chongqing party boss, and on July 24, the party announced he had been put under investigation for violation of party discipline.

Sun sat on the party's 25-member Politburo and had been seen as a candidate for promotion to the body's Standing Committee, the select group of leaders who constitute the apex of political power in China.

Xinhua's brief report did not say whether Mr Sun would remain a Politburo member.

Chen Miner, who replaced Sun as the top official in Chongqing, met with the city's top Communist Party leaders on Monday to call for the eradication of corruption tied to Bo, as well as to pledge loyalty to Xi. At 53, he is the youngest member of the Politburo.

While the exact reasons for his fall are unknown, "we do know however that Sun had been promoted as a protege of Xi's predecessor Hu Jintao", she said. Probes into other Sun allies are expected to follow.

"Xi Jinping is seizing personal control of the succession process in a way that neither (former president) Jiang (Zemin) nor Hu was able", he said.

As the country's fourth largest city and an industrial metropolis in the southwest of the country, Chongqing is a major post for ambitious politicians.

But in February party discipline inspectors publicly rebuked Sun for failing to get the job done, leaving his future in question.

Sun's downfall has raised Chen's profile. Mr Chen first worked with Mr Xi in 2002, when the latter became party chief of the eastern province of Zhejiang.

The ousting of another former Chongqing chief, Bo Xilai, jolted the last party shuffle in 2012. Mr Chen became governor of the south-western province of Guizhou in 2013, adding the title of party secretary in 2015.

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