Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition officially announced

Alain Brian
Juillet 3, 2017

If you're questioning why you'd want to buy a phone that once had the unfortunate desire to burst into flames, it's not exactly the same as before.

The revamped phone is called the Galaxy Note FE, short for Fan Edition. After conducting many experiments, Samsung finally concluded on battery specs and it is just 300 mAh less than previous one. The Galaxy Note 7 was released in August 2016 and initially received positive response. It's this liquid that's unstable and can cause a battery to overheat and explode, especially if it is exposed to air.

The firm said the Note Fan Edition would "minimize the environmental impact" of its high-profile flop.

The handset looks exactly like the Note 7 did.

It also plans to sell refurbished Note 7s in emerging countries at some point this year. Because Apple has also announced that the iPhone 8 will be the most expensive one made so far because of the Touch ID display feature. You'll know a Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition is in your hands because it has "Fan Edition" engraved on the back. The handset is not only attractive, it's also quite powerful.

Even if the Note 8 will introduce a larger 128GB storage tier, the phone will still support expandable microSD cards. In particular, reduced the battery capacity - now it is only 3200 mAh battery that supposedly will save the mobile phone from the fire. The battery is smaller.

The smartphone giant is already taking some heat on social media over its name choice, with some users suggesting FE stands for "Fiery Explosion". It also has the commendable 12 MP f/1.7 26mm PDAF with OIS rear camera.

There's no word on whether or not the handset will feature Bixby, or what camera and battery hardware will be built-in.

Samsung is the global leader when it comes to smartphone shipments and due to the huge number of people using Galaxy phones out there, the company usually finds it hard to guarantee software updates to all devices out there.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd announced on Sunday that it will launch its remodeled version of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on July 7.

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