Seattle police ordered to wear body cameras on patrol

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 18, 2017

Three decades before Ed Murray was elected Seattle's mayor, an OR child-welfare investigator found that he had sexually abused his foster son, prompting state officials to conclude that "under no circumstances" should Murray serve as a foster parent in the future.

The Bellingham Police department enacted a similar policy one year ago, this month.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said he will not resign from office following calls from city leadership to do so. But Murray said the cameras are a necessary accountability tool and the union talks have stalled.

All West Precinct bike patrol officers will be required to wear cameras by July 22, with all officers in the precinct equipped with cameras by October. "All other officers will get body cameras on a monthly precinct by precinct basis", a city release noted.

He said the city will continue negotiating with the union over the issue, even as the cameras roll out.

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