SNK Fighting Favorite Geese Howard Coming To Tekken 7

Alain Brian
Juillet 17, 2017

Game director Katsuhiro Harada first announced Geese Howard during the conclusion of the "Tekken 7" finals at the EVO 2017 gaming event, along with an announcement trailer.

Ask anyone who's played as - or against - Geese in SNK fighting games over the past few years, and they're likely to say he's ready to kick your ass. He also happens to be the rival/enemy of "Fatal Fury" protagonist Terry Bogard, after the latter killed his father in the first game. There are so many moves for each character, mastering even one complete move set will take nothing less than complete dedication. There's no word on an exact price for just Geese, but it would appear that he will be added in as a paid character given that he is titled DLC 2 in the trailer.

Geese Howard made his debut in 1991 SNK classic Fatal Fury: King of Fighters as the local crime boss.

In addition, a new character will be revealed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con event. All that being said, Tekken 7 is a formidable entry into the fighting genre, and will provide hundreds of hours of fun for fans and newcomers alike. Tekken Tag Tournament's bowling hijinks will return with an upgrade known as "Ultimate Tekken Bowl".

This announcement follows on from Akuma from Street Fighter appearing in Tekken 7, making Geese the second non-Namco character in the Tekken series.

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