Start of school in IL in jeopardy because of budget battle

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 17, 2017

Lawmakers passed a revamped formula, but the Governor opposes the measure, calling it a bailout for Chicago schools.

"We're going to make sure schools open and we're going to make sure that it's done on a basis that's fair for taxpayers across the state", the governor says. It also allocates about $300 million more to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for state aid and pensions.

Despite finally having a state budget, IL schools still don't know what to expect financially from the state as they continue to wait on a new funding formula bill.

The governor, a long-time critic of the financially struggling CPS, said the bill benefits "one school district" at the expense of others. It would ensure that none of the state's 850 school districts receives less than aid that the previous year, and would provide money to districts based on local property wealth and distinct student-population needs.

"School districts with relatively low property tax wealth or high poverty face the greatest risk from a disruption in state funding due to their material dependence on state aid", Moody's said in a report.

An Illinois Association of School Boards official has said that about a dozen districts may not be able to start classes next month if state funding is delayed.

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