UAE denies Washington Post report it orchestrated Qatar hack

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 17, 2017

"You will see in the next few days that the Washington Post story is going to die", he said at Chatham House in London.

The United Arab Emirates has denied it was behind the alleged hacking of Qatar's state news agency in May.

"What we really do want is we either reach an agreement and Qatar's behaviour changes, or Qatar makes it own bed and they can move on and we can move with a new relationship". Funding, supporting, and enabling extremists from the Taliban to Hamas and Qadafi.

United States intelligence officials told the Post that on May 23, senior members of the UAE government had discussed the hacking plan and its implementation.

Mr Gargash called for "a regional solution and global monitoring" to solve the Gulf crisis.

On May 24, two day after United States president Donald Trump's visit to Riyadh for a summit with leaders from the GCC and dozens of other Muslim-majority countries, Qatar News Agency carried on its website and a ticker on an online video incendiary quotes attributed to Sheikh Tamim, the emir of Qatar, including a denunciation of the summit and praise for Iran and Hamas.

Qatar said in late May that hackers had posted fake remarks by the emir, an explanation rejected by Gulf states.

Sheikh al-Thani was reported to have praised Hamas and called Iran an "Islamic power" on May 24.

Gulf states hint at expulsion of Qatar from regional bloc
Report: UAE Responsible for the Qatar Hacks

USA investigators in June told CNN that they believed Russian hackers breached the Qatari sites and planted false information and quotes.

He indicated that the culprit was one of the Middle Eastern countries that carried out a boycott of Qatar in the fallout of the hack, including Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen and the UAE.

USA investigators have been working in Doha to help the Qatari government investigate the alleged hack, according to Qatari and U.S. government officials.

"This is our message: You can not be part of a regional organisation dedicated to strengthening mutual security and furthering mutual interest and at the same time undermine that security", he said.

Gargash also repeated accusations that Qatar was trying to create instability in the region and even accused it of conspiring with jihadists against Saudi Arabia.

The Gulf states who cut ties with Qatar last month have given their strongest hint yet that they plan to expel Qatar from the Gulf Cooperation Council, the regional trade and security group.

Calling the demands "unworkable", Qatar rejected them, claiming they had been deliberately created to be impossible to meet.

Gargash described the list on Monday as an "opening gambit" but declined to directly answer whether the quartet would insist on closing Al Jazeera, implying the quartet may soften their demands.

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