US Slaps Iran Firms With Sanctions After Rocket Launch

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 30, 2017

The US slapped new sanctions on Iran Friday in response to the country's launch of a satellite into space a day earlier, the Treasury Department said.

"We will continue with full power our missile program", he said.

Sen. Sanders said that while he strongly supports sanctions against Russian Federation and North Korea, he voted against the sanctions package because he worries that new sanctions against Iran would weaken Tehran's resolve to honor the nuclear weapons deal it agreed to with world powers in 2015 under the Obama administration.

In Tehran, Iran, on Wednesday, the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have cleared that if the U.S. legislation imposed its new laws on missiles, then Iran will also impose its ballistic missile program on a large scale.

"The military and missile fields [.] are our domestic policies and others have no right to intervene or comment on them".

Friday's announcement comes after the US Senate adopted another batch of sanctions against Iran, North Korea and Russian Federation, and amid rumors that the Trump administration is considering a review of the 2015 nuclear deal with Tehran.

"We reserve the right to reciprocate and make an adequate response to the USA actions", he added. It is due to be signed by President Donald Trump.

He also rejected the notion that Iran was working to develop missiles that could carry a nuclear warhead.

The move followed reports that Trump charged a team of trusted White House staffers with preparing a case that Iran was failing to uphold its side of the landmark nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration.

The resolution does not place any restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile programme, and only "calls upon" Iran to not develop missiles expressly created to deliver a nuclear warhead. There has been speculation that Tehran has kept close cooperation with Pyongyang over its missile and nuclear programs.

The Treasury Department said that group is "central" to Iran's ballistic missiles programme. Many, though far from most, Iranians, share their longing for a government that is more liberal and democratic, and less allied with extremist groups elsewhere in the Middle East.

Missile power is the only deterrence power possessed by Iran and the Parliament supports the Defense Ministry and the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps' aerospace organization in this regard, Boroujerdi noted.

If American officials cannot prove that the rocket test and other activities of Iran do not breach the letter of the nuclear deal, they will attempt to drive home their claim that they at the very least breach its spirit. The European countries said they were discussing their concerns with Iran bilaterally. Deterrence theory says that countries can be frightened into remaining peaceful if they know exactly what the consequences for aggression would be.

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