Wheelchair-Bound Coldplay Fan Crowdsurfs His Way To Stage During Concert

Xavier Trudeau
Juillet 10, 2017

Coldplay's Croke Park gig was a night to remember by all accounts, it's no match for being there but there's some fantastic footage circulating online today.

Wheelchair-bound personal trainer Rob, 29, was spotted by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, crowd-surfing towards the stage. This isn't the first time that Chris Martin has invited fans to join him onstage. For his part, Rob seemed as though he was nearly expecting the opportunity, as he even brought a harmonica to the gig- you know, just in case.

After introducing the fan - Rob - to the audience, Chris started to sing a song in which he described the band as "a cross between B*Witched and U2". Read the full gig review on our website now.

He is 29 years old and training is his job.

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