White House squeezes Jeff Flake

Claudine Rigal
Juillet 17, 2017

Trump reportedly has personally spoken to Arizona state treasurer Jeff DeWit at least twice since he took the oath of office in January.

The White House has met with at least three people seen as primary challengers to Republican Arizona Sen. DeWit was a part of Trump's 2016 campaign.

"Maybe [Flake] should get back on the Trump team". And since June, his top administration officials allegedly have talked with former state Senator Kelli Ward and former Arizona GOP chair Robert Graham, according to Politico. John McCain (R-AZ) in his primary past year and has already announced a primary challenge to Flake, and met with potential primary challenger and former Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham, according to the report.

A spokesman for Flake noted to Politico that Flake had "voted with President Trump over 95 percent of the time this year" and backed some of Trump's biggest goals, such as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch's confirmation.

Flake refused to endorse Trump during the presidential campaign and said he could not attend the GOP convention because he had to "mow his lawn". Earlier this month, The Hill reported that Trump has considered donating $10 million of his own money to defeat Flake, who has been an outspoken critic on some of the president's policies thus far, including the travel ban.

This is especially so, since such tactics would most likely increase tensions with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who recently has had several disagreements with the White House over political planning.

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