Why NAR thinks preserving 'net neutrality' is crucial for agents and brokers

Xavier Trudeau
Juillet 17, 2017

A trade group representing the internet's biggest companies urged the Federal Communications Commission on Monday to preserve its net neutrality rules, which are now under threat from the agency's Republican leadership.

The rollback will harm consumers, said the group, which also represents Amazon.com Inc, Microsoft Inc, Netflix Inc, Twitter Inc and Snap Inc.

If FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has his way, the concept of net neutrality - that all ISPs provide equal access and availability to the internet, and can't prioritize speed for websites or apps that they own - will soon be upended.

Although some providers have claimed that paid prioritisation may make sense at times with regard to sectors such as self-driving cars and healthcare, the Internet Association replied that opening the door to prioritisation could enable providers to "destroy the open nature of the internet that allows new or smaller streaming video providers to compete with larger or better-funded edge providers". Today, it filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) about proposed rules to replace current guidelines, strongly urging the FCC to preserve net neutrality.If net neutrality is not preserved, real estate agents and brokers might have to start paying more for their websites to perform as well as they have in the past. Pai will face questions tomorrow on the issue at a US Senate hearing.

"Since its inception, the internet has been governed by principles of openness and non-discrimination, and as a result, it has created unprecedented benefits for society and consumers", the trade group wrote.

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