After White House shake up, deep state on run

Claudine Rigal
Août 5, 2017

It is an essential step to removing the air of chaos from this White House and to give it a fighting chance of ensuring everyone is pulling in the same direction.

President Trump's decision to name Kelly was motivated by what has been a nonstop attack on his administration and his person since Day No. 1 by the deep state, the press, opposition Democrats, and establishment Republicans, three of whom voted to reject the so-called skinny Obamacare repeal - Senators John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. Virtually any member of the senior White House staff could bypass Priebus and go straight to the president. The more reckless they are, the more stories they generate. On more than one occasion, staff provided the president with online articles that were not true.

And then there is president himself, who uses tweets at all hours to fling out new policy announcements, insult critics and even go after fellow Republicans who don't toe his line.

"The president certainly felt that Anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in his position", Sanders said when asked about the ouster. Scaramucci, financier to the point of riches, was chosen to head up PR operations and began with firing Sean Spicer, a press secretary actually not that bad in often defending the indefensible. Multiple press reports have noted the president, contrary to his reputation, really does not like to fire people. Moreover, followers are likely to be loyal to leaders who have their backs, and won't not throw them "under the boss" if they make minor mistakes.

Scaramucci had been blocked from joining the administration during the transition by Priebus, only to eventually be hired by Trump last week.

But Scaramucci overstepped his bounds with a ridiculous tirade to a reporter.

Trump praised Kelly's performance at the Department of Homeland Security, where Kelly focused on immigration issues at the Southern border, as "record-shattering", with "very little controversy".

As the Scaramucci news spread, Kelly was in the East Room, smiling and taking pictures with guests who had gathered for a Medal of Honor presentation.

An interesting historical footnote: another general, the Army's Al Haig, served from May 1973 to August 1974 as embattled President Richard Nixon's Chief of Staff and continued briefly under President Ford.

What did for Reince Priebus, his predecessor, was a broken chain of command. He can instill fear and impose discipline.

No one should kid himself. Donald Trump doesn't need a babysitter. To that end, we applaud his selection of Gen. Kelly and offer the honest hope that the president will give Kelly the power and room to do his job.

"A great day at the White House!".

Finding order from chaos on the battlefield is what good commanders do, as one Trump insider put it to me. In essence, by doing those tested things Kelly may be able to transform the crowd of lone rangers now competing for the attention of the president into a cohesive team who understand that they, and the administration they serve, will be more effective and admired if they work together cooperatively and with organizational discipline. Since that is what the president seems to want, it makes sense for Kelly to show him how to get it. Realistically, however, if Kelly does all the right things, even that might not succeed with this president.

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