Android Things Developer Preview 5 Released, Based On Android O

Alain Brian
Août 11, 2017

The new version now supports the use of WebView (mini browser functionality that is bundled for use within a mobile app) on the Raspberry Pi 3.

Google added that with the move to Android O, developers will be required to add new permissions to AndroidManifest.xml if they use UserDriver API's.

In terms of other hardware changes, there is now also Android Things support for NXP's IoT development plartform, the SprIoT i.MX6UL.

Finally, Google has also implemented "dynamic pin muxing" for the Pi, which means pins being configured at runtime depending on what features are being used. The first Developer Preview was released at the end of 2016, and new versions have come out steadily since then, most recently with Preview 4.1.

In terms of software, the major aspects of the release are changes based on the upcoming Android "O" release (API 26).

When we exit Developer Preview, we will differentiate between hardware platforms targeted for prototyping-only and hardware reference designs that can scale to production. Google is also looking to support scalable production ready hardware, while still allowing developers to play with prototype boards as well.

Still, if you want to try it out for yourself and you have the supported hardware, you can download the latest version from the Android Things Console.

The blog post goes into detail regarding some improvements to the Android Things console, which makes it easier for developers to issue Over-the-Air (OTA) updates; and some improvements to the Android Studio library, which gives developers access to several samples that could speed up the development process.

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