Apple Finally Discontinues iPod Nano And Shuffle

Alain Brian
Août 1, 2017

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the devices some 12 years ago with his legendary showmanship flare, and the small, easy to operate players helped the company revolutionize how music was sold.

Needless to say, the first every iPod was discontinued a long time ago, but three variants of this device still held up on today's market: the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch.

Apple has chose to bring an upgraded version of iPod Touch after discontinuing iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. The $149 iPod Nano and the $49 iPod Shuffle have been downgraded for a few years and has been moved to become more of a accessory. The iPod Nano also went through several differing models - or generations - since its introduction.

The advent of music streaming, dominated by Spotify and Apple's very own Apple Music, seems to be the last straw that led to the fall of the iPod models, which did not have app support or internet connectivity.

A recent announcement from Apple indicates that iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle will not be available anymore on its website. The first model was announced at the Macworld Conference & Expo on January 11, 2005 while the last fourth generation model was introduced on September 1, 2010. Neither the shuffle nor the nano linked to the internet, instead relying on downloading music from Apple online shop iTunes through computers.

When it was released in 2005, the Shuffle was controversially innovative by dropping the screen, leaving users blind to which of the potential 500 songs stored on the 2 gigabyte handset would play next.

The company discontinued sales of the two music players Thursday in a move reflecting the waning popularity of the devices in an era when most people store or stream their tunes on smartphones. The Touch, which bears resemblance to the company's flagship iPhone - just a slimmed down version without the ability to be used as an actual mobile phone - has just received an update from Apple to keep it the running model.

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