Apple May Bring iPhone 8 in September

Claudine Rigal
Août 10, 2017

KGI previously claimed that all models will offer glass backs and wireless charging. While the iPhone 7s Plus is largely the same as current iPhone models in terms of design, the iPhone 8 of course features minimal bezels and a new OLED display. Moreover, it's the iPhone's 10 anniversary year now. At the same time, sources and analysts have been at it, at predicting what the company will be integrating with its upcoming flagship device. Gruber frequently interviews Apple executives and has made several accurate predictions in the past.

Separately, DigiTimes reports that all of the three iPhones are in mass production now, and the launch is set for September. It is in the air that Apple's latest version of iPhone has problems with its biggest redesign. Either of these two naming schemes will make all three devices seem new, said Gruber.

As soon as the excitement for a particular iPhone model starts gradually dying down, rumors about the next model immediately start doing the rounds.

According to The Verge, leading the way was Apple's iPad sales, which were up 15 per cent from 2016.

The iPhone 8 design holds a surprise for all its anticipated fans.

What's the best iPhone in 2017? And what will be the successor to iPhone 8? iPhone 8S?

Sources called the schedule adjustment "unusual" for Samsung with just a few months left before the phone launch.

Apple's decision to ditch the on-screen fingerprint sensor is also affecting the production schedule of suppliers. They will offer augmented reality features that would lay the foundation for the next revolution in the world of computing.

Details on how the iPhone 8's virtual home button will work continue to emerge, as coders sift through the goldmine that is the HomePod iOS firmware. It is an example of the kinds of doors having a 3D sensor with facial recognition technology can open.

In a series of tweets, developer Guilherme Rambo found references to "Pearl ID" (Apple's codename for its facial recognition system) that suggest it will be able to store multiple faces and will be accessible by third party apps.

The phone is expected to include a front-facing infrared sensor. This biometric identification form will scan the features of your face and immediately unlock the phone.

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