Barry Bonds Wishes He Chased 800 Home Runs

Solenn Plantier
Août 8, 2017

Bonds is over all that now, working for the Giants, and he was back at AT&T Park, Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, on the 10-year anniversary of his 756th home run here that broke Hank Aaron's record in2007. He also said that he believes he would have reached 800 home runs - or would have gotten close - if he had played one more season. "I'd have been real close", Bonds said.

According to McCauley, Bonds said it "stung" ending his career before the 2008 season, but he didn't push to return to the Giants because "I was just told I'm not coming back and that was it". "I would have never hit under 20-something, no matter what".

Bonds granting he wanted to play another year is notable because he drilled 28 home runs and led the league with a.480 on-base percentage in his final season. His quest for the Hall of Fame has been tied closely to Roger Clemens, who took 54.1 percent of the vote last year, which was his fifth year on the ballot as well.

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