BBC accidentally airs Anna Paquin's naked breasts during news broadcast

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 12, 2017

In the viral video, Raworth was seen introducing the news of England's cricket series win over South Africa as a woman on the screen drops her pants to reveal tight pink knickers.

As the BBC'S Sophie Raworth read the headlines during the News At Ten earlier this week, a computer screen in the background of the broadcast showed a scene from True Blood which featured Robert Kazinsky and a topless Anna Paquin.

I turns out the clip was actually from True Blood and saw her getting down and flirty with co-star Rob Krazinsky.

Welp, mystery solved. We now know whose boobs went viral in that BBC News clip.

Paquin spotted the story in The Telegraph.

According to Paquin, this was one of the funniest things ever and she said she knew she had definitely "made it" after her nude body appeared on BBC News, going on to thank them for the laugh.

Her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer also saw the amusing side asking his wife which of the show's many sex scene it was.

The actor's husband, Stephen Moyer, also enjoyed his wife's BBC news breakthrough - as did Kazinsky, who joined the Twitter thread.

A fan recommended Anna coin the phrase "photoboobed" which the actress then turned into a hashtag.

True Blood drew to a close after seven seasons in 2012.

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