'Big Brother' Season 19: [SPOILER] Wins Power Of Veto; Backdoor Plan Ongoing

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 13, 2017

Should Cody win safety, the focus will likely shift to evicting Mark or Elena but this is Big Brother so you never know what might unfold! This week in the house, Head of Household Josh put up Elena and Mark and since Jess list the temptation challenge she was put on the bock as a third nominee.

Elena Davies and Jason Dent are the only two houseguests who are nominated, but since Matt has the POV, he could Veto either Elena or Jason's nominations. So could Cody live to see another week now that Elena seems to have put a little bigger target on her back? She muses that she hopes she can pull it off to get justice for Jessica Graf.

As of right now it seems as though Veto victor Matt will stay on the block and remove Jason, which in turn means that Cody will go up there. The Temptation Competition will be do-or-die for Cody as it will be his best chance of keeping his game alive and remaining in the house.

Will Matt ultimately decide to use the Powr of Veto to save himself or will he become the first nominee in history to use the PoV on someone else that he's not related to (Evel Dick and his daughter Daniele both saved each other when they were both on the block and Brendon saved his fiancée Rachel in season 13)?

The Big Brothers talked about all of this, they get into some questions from the Big Brother Reddit community, discussed the gameplay and strategy of players like Kevin and Matt and gave predictions for who the best people to bring to Final 2 would be. From there, Alex ended up getting saddled with this and she's extra-mad that Elena hasn't really apologized for it at all. If Paul figures out that she's gunning for him, she will be voted out this week.

Big Brother 19 spoilers revealed that Mark realizes that when Cody is out of the house, he will be the number one target. While he's done a better job of trying to reintegrate himself into the game, Paul and others agree that he's just too unsafe to keep around. Do you think Matt will use the POV to save himself? The returning vet has been taking the lead in the house, and all of his biggest targets have already been sent home.

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening on CBS.

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