Bizarre! School declares different uniforms for intelligent and average students

Claudine Rigal
Août 13, 2017

A self-financing English medium high school in the district courted controversy after it introduced separate uniforms for students based on their academic performance.

The report says that academically sharp students will wear white, while average and under-performing students will wear red check shirts.

The action by the Al Farooque English Medium school at Pandikkad in the district triggered widespread outrage among students and their parents as they felt it was discriminatory and an insult. However, there was no mention of the psychological pain it caused to students According to a New Indian Express report, 32 of its 800 students were asked to wear different colored uniforms to school while the rest followed regular uniform. This dress code was brought from the new academic session which began in June this year. "We demanded appropriate action from the school".

The school authorities were not immediately available for comment.

After the school did not pay heed to the complaints of the children, they approached the Childline (a body working under the state social welfare ministry to ensure rights of children) officials who found the system highly discriminatory.

"Ëven after our two visits in July and first week of August urging the school authorities to withdraw their move, nothing happened", he added.

The discrimination came to light when the childline service received a complaint on the mental harassment that students were being subjected to.

Parents complained that the school overlooked the mental agony of the children who were discriminated. Meanwhile, school principal Abdul Kareem said the new system was launched as part of forming a prefect group to monitor cyber crimes and other discipline breaches.

Earlier in June, the design of girls" school uniform in a Kerala had sparked controversy after a photographer called it "vulgar'.

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