Changes to Roadhog, Junkrat, and Widowmaker released in Overwatch's latest PTR patch

Alain Brian
Août 12, 2017

Along with adding Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, certain heroes of Blizzard's Overwatch have received buffs in the latest PTR update. It's now accessible for PC players so you can have a gander at it by downloading the PTR client separately. Along with being able to hold two Concussion Mines, Junkrat's RIP-Tire now has 30 percent increased movement speed.

"RIP-Tire's damage has always been very good, but it was often hard to steer the tire into position before it was destroyed".

Developer Comments: Giving the Junkrat the ability to store two concussion mines adds some much-needed flexibility and versatility to his kit, particularly when using the mines for mobility.

Roadhog now receives 50 percent less damage and can freely move around while using his ability Take a Breather, which heals a substantial amount of his health. Her Grappling hook also had its cooldown timer buffed from 12 seconds to eight, which means she can fly around the map a lot more efficiently now. Offensively, the robot's Fusion Driver weapon sees an increase to its weapon speed by 20 percent. RIP-Tire's damage has always been very good, but it was often hard to steer the tire into position before it was destroyed. In regards to the Riptire, though, this was changed because it was often hard to steer it before it was destroyed, so making it faster should make it more effective more often, plus leave Junkrat himself vulnerable for a shorter time.

Projectile speed increased by 20%.

"The projectile speed increase helps Orisa's consistency, especially at medium ranges (or further). Her barrier size has been increased to better protect her team, and the new shape makes the shield more effective when it's used on slopes or on top of objects (such as a payload)", the developer comments highlight.

A hero that's much debated is Roadhog, who has been the subject of many tweaks and changes since release. The combination of these effects significantly increases Roadhog's sustainability and survivability. Should they be too close, the cooldown on her Grappling Hook will also help guarantee a quick exit. The PTR notes claim that Widowmaker can be pretty strong in the right hands, but overall, her abilities seemed weak. "With this change, she can see enemies when they trigger the mine, even if they're on the other side of a wall".

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