Channing Tatum's daughter hates the Step Up movies

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 4, 2017

Are you upset to hear that Everly isn't a fan of Step Up?

Appearing on the 31 July episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Magic Mike star explained the anti-climatic moment when he realised that his 4-year-old did not consider Step Up a "real movie".

"We were like, 'This is going to be really cool".

To prove that Everly is just being defiant, Channing has a sneaky plan of voicing a character in an animated film but not telling Everly he's in it until after she sees it and loves it. But nope. "Within 10 seconds, she was like, 'Can I watch a real movie?". I don't know, like a good one?' I'm like, 'What do you mean?

Tatum and his wife of eight years defended their work but chose to give her another shot. This is a real movie! "It was such a real movie they made, like, seven more of these!'" he added. You will watch it!

Channing recalled, "Well, she was there for Magic Mike-a lot of it". "We're like, 'Fine! Just put on Moana!". I'm like, 'I didn't teach her that!' But we actually showed her Step Up for the first time. "I was like, 'Get the tights, I need the shows, I want the bag, let's go!' She was into it". "That's Daddy!' Mic drop!"

Channing Tatum's young daughter isn't a fan of his breakthrough movie Step Up.

They thought she might like it because of all the dancing. And if she likes it, I am going to rub it in her face. The show revolves around a Romanian gritty and sleek buddy cop series that promoted Communist ideals and inspired a deep nationalism.

Tatum is now promoting his new Amazon satire Comrade Detective which premieres on 4 August.

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