Coalition says labour reforms bad news for the economy

Xavier Trudeau
Août 14, 2017

The report finds consumer goods and services will increase by $1,300 a household. On top of that, 185,000 jobs will be at risk with the majority of people affected being women and young people.

The Chamber, which has already characterized the proposed legislation as "too much, too fast", is encouraging businesses to reach out to their Member of Provincial Parliament with their concerns.

"Other jurisdictions such as California have had four to five phase-in periods for minimum wage of a similar amount", says Marchand.

Some organizations have come together as part of a study into Ontario's Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, that would raise the minimum wage.

The premier has said before that the changes will not be phased in.

Marchand says businesses will take a $23-billion hit over the next two years and wants the province to slow down.

"Given the significant, sudden and sizable changes it would be remiss to expect that unintended consequences would not follow", says CANCEA president Paul Smetanin.

"In order to do proper public policy, you need to look at some impacts of proposed legislation", says Marchand.

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