Delhi airport flight operations resume after brief pause over drone scare

Xavier Trudeau
Août 20, 2017

The Delhi worldwide airport was shut for a brief period on Sunday evening after a pilot reported about spotting a drone in the area. Giving the always present threat of terrorism, security officials did not want to take any chances and suspended the flight operations at Delhi airport.

According to reports, some of the flights were also diverted after the pilot had raised the alarm. The flight operations resumed at 1955 hours after clearance from the Delhi Police.

Sanjay Bhatia, Deputy Commissioner of Police at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, told IANS that "a drone-like object was reportedly seen flying near the Terminal 3". "In this regard, operations at all the three runways were closed as a precautionary measure".

AirAsia India, in a statement, confirmed that the pilots of flight i5 799 spotted unidentified object flying close to aircraft while landing. "Our pilots followed normal procedure and carried out an uneventful landing", said Air Asia in a press statement. "Flight operations resumed only after getting clearance from Delhi police", the official added.

Following this, the pilot immediately alerted the Air Traffic Control (ATC).

The Airlines has filed a report with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). During peak time, the airport handles up to 70 flights per hour. The flight operations at the Delhi airport were temporarily halted after a pilot reported about spotting a drone at the runway.

On August 2, the cargo area of the Delhi airport was cordoned off after a suspicious material was recovered by the authorities. Across US and even in Dubai, there have been recorded instances of drones bringing airport operations to a standstill.

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