Detroit Red Wings condemn use of logo in Charlottesville protest

Solenn Plantier
Août 12, 2017

That's because a white nationalist group called the Detroit Right Wings, members of which made the trip to Charlottesville, adopted the logo as their own.

On Saturday morning, several marchers were seen carrying the Detroit Red Wings logo, an incongruous symbol among the more blatant displays of Nazism.

"The Detroit Red Wings vehemently disagree with and are not associated in any way with the event taking place today in Charlottesville, Va.", the organization said in a statement put out on social media. "The Red Wings believe that Hockey is for Everyone and we celebrate the great diversity of our fan base and our nation".

The group has been marching with the Red Wings logo and displays it on their YouTube channel, which has a total of 16 subscribers.

The organization said it is exploring legal action against those who are misusing the logo.

Charlottesville has declared a local emergency due to the conflicts between the two groups.

The protests began Friday night when nationalists converged on the University of Virginia's campus and marched while carrying torches.

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