DMX Violates Bail Bond on Tax Evasion Case

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 12, 2017

Roughly four weeks after spending a night in a jail cell after turning himself in for a tax evasion charges, Page Six reports X, born name Earl Simmons, could be sent back after violating the terms of his bail conditions. He left NY to see family in St. Louis, without telling hizzoner ... and that could be a deal breaker.

"The Court has received a report from pretrial services indicating that the defendant may have violated the terms of his pretrial release in numerous respects", Judge Rakoff said in an order docketed Wednesday afternoon.

What happened was he left NYC to check on family in St. Louis, without telling the judge ... and he could pay a serious price for that indiscretion.

DMX Violates Bail Bond on Tax Evasion Case
DMX Violated Tax Evasion Bail, May Head To Jail

The rapper's attorney, Murray Richman, claims his client simply forgot to disclose the details of his trip, because he was busy. He's guessing the judge will show a little mercy and just up the restrictions - like requiring an ankle bracelet - but Richman vows to fight it.

Radoff has ordered DMX to appear in court on Friday (Aug. 11) at 11 a.m. for a bail hearing. "We don't know what they are".

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