Donald Trump Is Fed 'Propaganda' Every Morning to Keep Him Happy

Claudine Rigal
Août 9, 2017

While some people need a cup of coffee to start their day, that is a habit from which President Donald Trump famously abstains. A happy man-baby is more useful to the rest of his team, though, so VICE News reports that Trump's administration has been putting together a twice-daily folder of positive news about him.

"That's why some in the White House ruefully refer to the packet as 'the propaganda document'".

Vice News cited three current and former White House officials who say the folders contain 20 to 25 pages of "screenshots of positive cable news chyrons. admiring tweets, transcripts of fawning TV interviews, praise-filled news stories, and sometimes just pictures of Trump on TV looking powerful".

The documents are exclusively composed of positive news coverage.

According to Vice, the documents follow much the same pathway as political communications-related materials in other recent presidencies - starting with information monitoring at the Republican National Committee in the early morning, and progressing through the White House communications staff and onto the President's desk. Once the White House Communications Office gets their list of positive pieces, they send some of them out to journalists while saving the best ones for Trump. Vice added that on the days there isn't enough positivity to pass along, staffers begin asking the RNC for flattering photos of the president.

"Maybe it's good for the country that the president is in a good mood in the morning", one RNC staff member told Vice.

The difference, of course, is that purely positive information would seem to serve little goal for the White House other than boosting the President's mood.

Officials reportedly trawl through all sorts of news mediums-TV, websites, newspapers, Twitter-in preparing the folder.

"If we had prepared such a digest for Obama, he would have roared with laughter", David Axelrod, a senior adviser to Barack Obama during his first two years in office, told Vice.

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