Emmanuel says 'Princess Diana was not nervous on her wedding day'

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 13, 2017

Although she was one of the most reported on and photographed women in the world, it provided new insight turbulent, and at points, sad life of the British royal, while pitting it all against the context of Great Britain in the eighties.

This is the latest of a number of Diana projects coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Princess of Wales' death.

The suite of jewellery was given to Princess Diana in a box engraved with a palm tree and crossed swords, although it's not known if that has also been passed down to Princes William and Harry. Here are the top 5. But, as the documentary reveals, life was very different behind those gilded doors.

Murray also remembers Diana speaking candidly about the difficulties of being a parent who can't be with her children 24/7.

Amid a voyage through Pakistan in 1991, Diana and her company were engaged by the condom caper while on a flight.

"I think Diana was very stressed".

She said that the British Princess had lost a lot of weight before her wedding day which meant that the pattern of the dress had to be redesigned and it made it hard. "William picked his mum's Cartier watch, and Harry picked her sapphire and diamond engagement ring", a source close to the royal family said.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana greets well-wishers during her trip to a park in Burnaby Canada

At first, it seemed like the press and Diana fed off each other: they needed the shot, she enjoyed being a star.

The documentary suggests that this was the moment where the old rules of mutual respect went on the window, and a new competitive and cruel game emerged. It is the first and only time her two sons, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry, have sat for on-camera interviews about that week.

One of the most famous pictures of Diana is one where she is shaking hands with an AIDS victim-without gloves.

Wharfe also describes the cringe-worthy "kiss that missed" episode during that trip, when Diana "intentionally humiliated" Charles by turning her face away as he kissed her.

He writes: "The small vibrator, bought as a practical joke after a staff night out in Paris during Diana's official visit there the previous November, had become her lucky mascot". Even worse, he was overheard complained about the baby's ginger hair, saying he looked like a Spencer.

It turns out that Princess Diana was given a similar necklace by Prince Charles following the birth of Prince William, and Diana was often seen wearing the gold disc engraved with his name.

But Mr Wharfe, who guarded Diana for more than five years until 1993, writing in his book, said: "The Princess, who told me she was genuinely upset by her husband's refusal to join her at the Taj Mahal, had privately made a decision to drive home the point".

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