ESports Could Be Coming to the 2024 Olympics

Claudine Rigal
Août 11, 2017

The Paris Olympics 2024 program will be finalised after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, so the committee will have years to consider the question and take note of the reception to these showcase competitions.

In a move that foreshadows a science fiction-esque future where games converge with reality, the committee behind Paris' bid for the 2024 Olympics has confirmed it will speak with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about the inclusion of competitive gaming as a medal sport.

"The youth, yes they are interested in eSport and this kind of thing", Estanguet told the Associated Press. I think it is interesting to have a dialogue with the global olympic Committee, with the community, eSports, and to better understand the process and the reasons for its success , "said Tony Estanguet".

It's still a bit of a long shot at this point as the general response is more of a "we're not going to say "no" yet", but there is hope to see eSports as part of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. "Let's see if we can find some bridges", Estanguet added. This follows the announcement that eSports will be a medal sport at the 2022 Asian Games in China, which are recognized by the International Olympic Committee and marketed as the world's second largest multi-sport event after the Olympics.

"I don't want to say no outright". Specific games have not been announced, yet. Whether or not you agree with esports being an Olympic sport, it is starting to become a more mainstream attraction.

eSports might not be considered as a real sport yet, but one can't deny the amount of revenue it generates from all its tournaments, not to mention the massive fan-base it has already built.

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