Even Precise US Strike Would Prompt North Korean Retaliation

Claudine Rigal
Août 12, 2017

I believe that we would be better served by enhancing the involvement of North Korea in world's economic, societal, and political environments. This is a unsafe departure from historical precedent.

As the rhetoric continues to pick up around North Korea, the talk of military options, or worse the "military solution" increasingly appears to center around the conceit that there is some possibility for a limited war, or some other way that the United States could make a quick attack on North Korea and fix everything militarily. May we humbly remind you that in 2010 a cross-party group of parliamentarians from Japan and South Korea proposed the negotiation of a North East Asian Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone as a solution to the growing nuclear threat from North Korea. As Theodore Roosevelt said, 'Speak softly but carry a big stick'. ‘Fraid so. And although a nuclear war with North Korea at this point wouldn't even muss America's hair – the few North Korean ICBMs would probably go astray or be shot down before they reached the U.S. – it could kill many millions of Koreans on both sides of the border. Donald Trump is lighting a flame, and that flame is getting brighter with every tweet.

Not surprisingly, North Korea had similar concerns about its own security or even existence.

The North Korean stand-off is a crisis that, at worst, threatens nuclear war, but it's complicated.

Playing the underwater warfare game, users can use "depth bombs, nuclear depth bombs, and anti-submarine rockets to destroy enemy submarines", Arirang-Meari reported. The Chinese weren't deterred by India's nuclear weapons when they recently threatened to start a war with India, over Indian troops entering Chinese territory.

Regarding the island of Guam, the United States occupied the island during the Spanish-American War of 1898, following the Treaty of Paris.

The loss of life in that conflict would be monumental. Most evidence points to the fact that North Korea will most likely field a nuclear weapon that can accurately hit military installations and urban population centers across continents.

But successive US administrations have also underestimated the country - and nowhere could such a mistake be more unsafe than in the case of military conflict.

Few doubt that the United States has the power to ultimately come out the victor in a shooting war. After Imperial Japan's surrender, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel.

The nation's intelligence agencies believe North Korea has developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead and missile that could reach the West Coast.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson briefly said that the US was not seeking to change the North Korean regime last week, although he was nearly immediately contradicted by President Trump. "And I think he knows that".

"Nobody wants to go to war", Ms. But it can have enough of them to carry out a “revenge from the grave” and impose unacceptable losses on the U.S. if it attacks North Korea.

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