'Game of Thrones' fans shun spoilers from HBO hack

Alain Brian
Août 12, 2017

After being caught staring at Daenerys" "good heart" by Ser Davos, Jon Snow immediately told the Onion Knight that "there's no time for that'.it appears that Westeros might be getting a new power couple.

The hit TV show was targeted by hackers last week, with the script for Spoils of War, the fourth episode of the seventh season, leaked online.

Despite dying before the events of the HBO show, Rhaegar plays a pretty significant role from beyond the grave, not least because he's the brother of Daenyrys Targaryen, and quite possibly the father of Jon Snow.

Watch Game of Thrones for FREE with a no-risk, 7-day free trial of Amazon Channels. One is the political side where Jon Snow has his own very specific objective on Dragonstone and that's to get the dragon glass and if possible to convince Dany to fight alongside him.

Though Game of Thrones hasn't really explored the relationship from both sides, it is becoming increasingly clear that Jon has feelings for Daenerys. With the North's depleted number of soldiers (ten thousand or fewer, by Jon's guess), Jon and company could desperately use Daenerys' help.

Jon Snow has finally got his dragonglass, so what will be his next step? Daeron was also married to Maron's sister so there's a whole lot of mixed Martell and Targaryen blood in their Houses. Every one will be excited to see this. It remains to be seen however if Game of Thrones will (or should) make this happen. IT is possible that he was castle black as the night watcher.

Incest and intermarriage are treated very differently in the Seven Kingdoms. So comment below to let us know what do you think and what are you looking for in the upcoming episode "The Blood Of The Dragon". This is the one action scene in the top five, and true to principle, it focuses on a conflict between two main characters on opposite sides of a battle: Jaime Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen, immediately preceded by a scene showing Tyrion Lannister's internal conflict at seeing his family's army set aflame.

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