'Game of Thrones' Recap: Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth arrived at Dragonstone

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 4, 2017

The actual "Queen's Justice" was quite satisfying to watch, actually.

Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister first met in the pilot episode of the show.

"I just said the wrong name". Tyrion welcomed Jon as they arrived at Dragonstone, greeted each other as the Bastard of the Winterfell and the Dwarf of Casterly Rock. When Melisandre said that her job was to bring together "ice and fire", I was SHOOKETH. I hoped that Daenerys and Jon would immediately get along.

Checking in with Entertainment Weekly after the episode, Ellaria sand actress Indira Varma confirmed that though she did not die on screen, this was her character's last appearance.

Jon has died and came back to life, fought White Walkers and is now King in the North. There was a lot left on the table between these two.

The images don't give too much away but they give some hints of what to expect from the episode.

Even though this episode felt packed to the brim and sometimes unwieldly, the strongest moments were spent with Cersei, Sansa, and Daenerys: three daughters who were never supposed to rule, wading through their pain and suffering to shape The Seven Kingdoms. Though we may have to wait a few more episodes for that alliance to actually forge, it was exciting watching all that change and pent up anticipation released in the first 20 minutes or so of "The Queen's Justice", when the two finally meet and, unsurprisingly, clash. Clarke also added that Dany doesn't like Jon and she doesn't believe him. Jon Snow knows that "in perpetuity" means, right? The writers of Game of Thrones appear to have caught something of that spirit, deciding that viewers no longer require plausible military movements, and are, instead, happy for the entire landscape of the board to be rearranged in the time it takes to roll some dice. He finds Olenna Tyrell, and he pours poison in her wine glass. Cersei gleefully accepts Euron's gift of Ellaria and her daughter, Tyene and promises to give herself to Euron as a thank you and a tactically convenient marriage after this nebulous war is over. Cersei tells Euron that he will be rewarded with what he desires - her hand in marriage - once the war is won. Cersei lashes out at the world and recreates whatever horror has been done to her to someone else. By contrast, Jon has shown his reluctance about being a leader and king, as well as his willingness to be fair and listen (such as saving the Wildlings, or refusing to punish the sins of the father on their children, not to mention granting Sansa leadership of the North). Sansa is doing what she's always done: survive. Meanwhile, the ruler squandered no time getting equity for her killed little girl by giving Tyene a harmed kiss, abandoning her to pass on before her own particular mother. Sansa is practical and she navigates the world with a tired demeanor.

Cersei exacts some poetic (read: messed-up) revenge.

. Maggy told her that she would Wednesday the king, that she would have three golden-haired children, and that someone younger and hungrier would come down the stairs down behind her, Showgirls-style.

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