Global Positioning System and hospitals affected as cyber attack hits NHS Lanarkshire

Evrard Martin
Août 26, 2017

NHS Lanarkshire services including hospitals and GP practices have been disrupted by computer problems, officials have said.

'We took immediate action to prevent this spreading while we carried out further investigations.

Chief executive Calum Campbell said the board "took immediate action" to put a security solution in place, and was working to minimise impact on patients.

The health board confirmed malicious software had been detected in IT systems, causing appointments and procedures to be postponed.

NHS Lanarkshire was one of the worst-hit health boards in Scotland in that devastating global attack that wreaked havoc worldwide, infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 nations and encrypted millions of user files in exchange for a ransom.

While the nature of the latest cyber attack is not known, it has affected hospitals and GP practices and led to some operations and appointments being cancelled.

"I would ask that patients do not attend our hospitals unless it is essential", said acute division medical director Jane Burns. "It is not the same malware as in May", NHS Lanarkshire told Reuters.

"If you do turn up at A&E and do not require emergency care you may be sent away from the department or you may experience a lengthy wait".

It comes just a few months after the biggest cyber attack in NHS history.

"Emergency care will still be provided for those who do require to be seen".

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