Google Gender Discrimination Scandal Shocks the World

Alain Brian
Août 12, 2017

Right now, there are more than 60 women who are looking to sue Google because they are getting payed less than men who have the same work qualifications as them. James Finberg, who is a civil rights attorney has announced that he is working on finding a legal basis for these women. The attorney went on and publicly stated that he interviewed over half of the women who are being affected by Google's wage disparities and said that their allegations will be recognized in court.

Several women reportedly claimed that they earned around $40,000 (£30,833) less than their male counterparts. Among others, more than a dozen claimed that discrimination played a role in their decision to leave the company.

He said he hoped a class-action case could have a ripple effect in the industry.

"Google is not alone in Silicon Valley", Finberg said.

"It's demoralizing", one former senior female Googler, who recently left the firm told the Guardian, requesting anonymity over fears of retribution. "There's something subconsciously that happens where you do start to question the value that you're adding to the company".

The manager said that dealing with frequent sexism in the workplace and helping other women navigate the discrimination they were facing took a toll on her and contributed to her decision to quit.

"I felt like I wasn't playing the game in the "boys" club' environment", said another woman who worked for two years before recently leaving Google.

"I was watching male co-workers progress at a faster rate than myself". She also said that she was regularly faced with sexist remarks, such as comments about her looks.

"Sixty people is a really small sample size. There are always going to be differences in salary based on location, role and performance, but the process is blind to gender", a Google spokesperson said.

Amid the scandal Google faces due to former employees online posting, Google's CEO Sundar Pichai was to give a highly anticipated speech regarding gender existing issues.

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