Hillary Clinton gets her very own private screening of 'Wonder Woman'

Pierre Vaugeois
Août 7, 2017

Back in June, Hillary, who became the first woman to receive the presidential nod from a major political party a year ago, declared during a video screened at Women in Film's Crystal + Lucy Awards that she was glomming onto the superhero movie.

Clinton compared herself to Wonder Woman - played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot in the blockbuster hit - at a Women in Film gala in Los Angeles in June, suggesting that both she and the superheroine are on a quest to "save the world".

The failed Democratic presidential candidate and the former president had reportedly not seen the movie - a film which has been well-received and praised in particular for having a strong woman in the lead role.

Hillary and Bill Clinton watched "Wonder Woman" at a special screening at a Brooklyn movie theater over the weekend, The Hill reported on Sunday.

Alamo Drafthouse spokesman Mike Sampson told the HuffPost that arrangements for the screening were made after Clinton made that statement, and the theater sent out an invitation for her to see it. "We were happy to set up a private screening, for which they organised the guest list".

"They have an open invitation to return any time in the future", Sampson said.

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