How to access Sonic Mania's level select mode

Claudine Rigal
Août 19, 2017

If you haven't seen it already, Sonic Mania has a pretty overt and very surprising reference to one of Sega's classics in one of the game's boss fights.

Once in level select mode, you can access any level in a "non-save" mode, meaning that any progress you do in this mode won't be saved. It's nice that I'm enjoying a Sonic game in 2017, and even more delightful that I get to enjoy it on the Nintendo Switch.

If you want to practice bonus stages, catching UFOs, learning stages and other essential aspects of Sonic Mania, there's a new debug cheat that has been discovered (featured in older Sonic titles) allowing you to access nearly anything in-game.

To use cheats such as alternate modes, And Knuckles and Debug, you must go into Mania Mode and hover over the "No Save" icon on the right.

The next video by the same YouTuber reveals how to select levels and perform other actions in said mode.

The easiest way to access Sonic Mania's level select is to exit out of the main menu (where you can select your different modes) to head back to the title screen.

Debug is activated by pressing Triangle (or Y on Xbox, or X on Switch), then the jump buttons to place and rotate through options.

If all of above fails to work your next best bet is to collect as many Gold Medallions through various bonus stages. The PC version of Sonic Mania is slated to drop on August 29th.

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