Jail sentence for 2 members of polygamous sect in Canada

Xavier Trudeau
Août 12, 2017

In British Columbia Friday 71-year old Brandon Blackmore was sentenced to jail for one year, and probation for a year and a half, for taking his 13-year old daughter into the United States for the objective of having her marry Warren Jeffs.

Archives discoveries in a safe during a search of a ranch in Texas, in the south of the United States, indicate that the young girl was married to Warren Jeffs, the mormon fundamentalist sentenced to life in prison for pedophilia in 2011.

Brandon Blackmore, 71, was sentenced to 12 months in jail by Justice Paul Pearlman, while his former wife Gail Blackmore was sentenced to seven months; the pair were also given 18 months' probation each.

In February, Brandon and Gail Blackmore, who were part of a sect practicing polygamy in the province of British Columbia at the time of the facts, have been accused of crossing the border to the young girl in 2004, and this, for a sexual objective.

The main branch of the Mormon faith - the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - renounced polygamy in the 1890s under pressure from the U.S. government.

Last month, two leaders of the Bountiful, British Columbia community, including one who has 25 wives and 146 children, were convicted of polygamy in a separate case.

But the supreme Court of British Columbia had finally ruled that this ban on polygamy was constitutional.

Winston Blackmore and James Marion Oler, who has five wives, face up to five years in prison.

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