LinkedIn lets users share own videos

Claudine Rigal
Août 25, 2017

While the maximum video length allowed is 10 minutes, LinkedIn recommends that users keep their video recordings between 30 seconds to five minutes in length. But LinkedIn is looking for ways to increase member engagement, and in-feed video is a logical next step.

There was no word on how LinkedIn plans to monetize and measure its native video offering.

LinkedIn began testing out the feature last month.

It's also reasonable to expect that, like other social platforms, LinkedIn will favour natively hosted video over externally linked content, he said.

Users receive information on who has viewed their posts, including the top companies, job titles, and locations of post viewers, and how many views, likes, and comments their posts have received.

The Videos uploaded by users will be played automatically but the sound will be off when the video plays or appears in the people's feeds.

LinkedIn Video i How to Share Video on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Wants To Become A Social Network, Adds Native Video Support

However, to make sure that the videos or not Snapchatty, or Facebookish, LinkedIn has issued video's Best Practices guidelines. Its revamped desktop website ushered in the company's shift in focus towards being a fully-fledged social network. That way, you can see if you're actually reaching your target audience. LinkedIn believes that with the new video feature, professionals will be able to share details about their work in a more appealing visual way. LinkedIn will be rolling the feature to all users globally in coming weeks time.

The trend seems to be working on LinkedIn as well.

Instead, it's mostly driven by referrals to other sites - like YouTube or Vimeo, said Vinodini Suresh, social advertising strategist at B2B media agency DWA.

For small businesses using the platform to market their brand and find talent, video will give their message more impact.

And marketers will want more video-specific metrics as well, she added.

There's a real opportunity for SMEs once the video features are rolled out, but they must be careful not to get stuck on ideas about what video production "should be", Lew says. In one video, three Indonesian men just kind of stand around a piece of machinery drilling into the ground.

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